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IDI INFOTECH - a Leading Web Development Company in India, Providers of E-Commerce Website Designing, Ecommerce Website Development, Ecommerce Web Development Services in affordable prices.

What is E-Commerce?

E-Commerce, you listen to it universally, every time. E-Commerce is an excellent bonus way to sell your products and services, and for many companies it is the only main avenue.
E-Commerce is nothing but the online business of buying & selling of product & services. E-Commerce sites generally focus on either Business-to-Consumer (B2C) or Business-to-Business (B2B) operations.

Now a day Internet is an absolutely largest platform of doing e-commerce business .So if you have a product or service to sell, it is the best place to do.
If you have a product or service that is easily export or sold over the internet, whether it is business to business, retail or wholesale, you may want to consider an E-Commerce website.

Why do you need E-Commerce Website?

  • You have Products to sell on Internet

  • You have a worldwide product or service

  • Your small business is ready to on challenging with the big players

  • Your medium business moves to go the next level

  • Your large enterprise moves to further improve product sales

  • You want business growth, but without the add-on expenses

  • You have an online stock up but want to enhance its performance

    If you have answered “Yes” for any one of the query, your need is E-commerce website.

    Our main objective is your E-Commerce website to be an online web presence for the proposed products.

    We present several E-Commerce development solutions that fit in your plan. So when you want to get your business visible and well presented to your customers contact us and we will make sure that your E-commerce development ventures a good experience for you and your customers.

    The E-Commerce Web Application Features

    Site Owner/Admin - Features & Capabilities

    The e-commerce site will permit site owner/admin to do the following:

  • Register and be the Administrator

  • Add latest products on daily basis

  • Modify the product description / price / photographs

  • Edit/modify/add unlimited web pages

  • Create links & keywords

  • Create or Update latest news and product

  • Get e-mail notification on every purchase done online

  • Update latest news online

  • Approve or disapprove the customer registrations

  • Check the customer log and invoice log

  • Change the terms and policy details

    Customer - Features & Capabilities

    The e-commerce site will permit site Customer to do the following:

  • Register and be a member of the site

  • Search needed products of their own/business interest

  • Pick up the products of their choice

  • Put in those products to shopping cart

  • Make sure the total invoice amount

  • Pay the invoice amount using Pay Pal/Credit Card/Debit Card/Net Banking

  • Purchase products online

  • Take a print of their invoice/strong1>

  • Email invoice to their account

    E-Commerce Web Design & Development

    IDIINFOTECH has been developing businesses take their retail processes online through its E-Commerce web design solutions. Such solutions include Online Retail Stores, Ticket / Coupon sales, Market places / Portals, Bidding platforms, Mobile commerce and affiliate based models and Social commerce. Such solutions apply to both B2B and B2C ecommerce.

    Now a day’s every business in the world requires an e-commerce website that is efficiently enabled with specific features that is customized for the client’s business.

    We develop “The Simple e Commerce web site". Really it is simple yet flexible and robust. Our brilliant developers are experts in developing your online store front-end to provide the true corporate style to your brands. Our team has vast expertise in configuring the system's back-end as per your requirements.

    Types of E-Commerce Sites

  • Online Retail Stores

  • Ticketing and Coupon Sites

  • Mobile Commerce

  • Social Commerce

  • Subscription Based Sites

  • Bidding Sites & Marketplaces / Portals

    We Offer our E-Commerce Web Design & Development Services in Following Areas

  • Chennai

  • Bangalore

  • Coimbatore